Here are nine reviews

of my first volume of poems.

Somehow I got from here to the koans,

and ultimately to the pure clarity of prose.

* * *

Nine AmazonCoUk (average of 4.5 star) reviews of “As the mood takes me" follow. This collection was published on the 2nd of July 2015, then republished more recently as "Left to chance." The latter title is more relevant, and may even change the slant slightly. Also, my “Glenn Evans” penname is unused in the reincarnation; which is available via the HOME page, or straight from HERE.


* * *

“After dipping in and out of this anthology over the last couple of months, I finally sat down last night and read it cover to cover. It blew me away. One minute I was laughing uproariously, the next crying. Every page unveils an insight, an amusement, a shock, a sadness, a joy. These are poems that speak from the heart, the eye, the memory, the mind and probably other parts of the body, too. Challenging vies with peaceful; kicks in the guts vie with soft strokes of love; solitude and aloneness have never been more connected. I've also heard the author perform some of these verses at open mic events (albeit via the magic of FB) and his Cooper-Clarke-esque, sardonic, self-deprecating delivery comes through now when I read them to myself. This is a voice once heard, never forgotten.”

~ Jill Mullins


“If you are looking for poems with a different, spark and for the strong hearted, you have found the perfect book. Glenn’s poems are filled with witty, confessional, modern and dramatic monologues.
Here is part of one of his poem’s entitled, “Night and Day, café bar”: It’s gone noon and people are drinking, and like me on computers. There’s a piano with missing teeth. I’d like to touch it but it looks like it’s past sexuality. I enjoyed this poem because I read it prior to my first visit to the bar and already knew what I was in store for. Glenn is a genius with words, as you read he paints the scene beautifully in your head, which lingers with you. Other poems I have enjoyed by Glenn are, Rescue Human Beings and Hiding in the Corner.”

~ Rebecca Pearce


“Grown up and mature poetry written by someone who sees life through very wide eyes. At times it is a little uncomfortable to read as the writer is very direct and honest about himself and how life affects him but there is very often humour and a genuine sense of vulnerability and fragility. I highly recommend this collection if you want challenging heartfelt and sometimes witty verse.”



“'As the mood takes me' is an honest "take it or leave it" volume of verse by an accomplished and dedicated poet moved by his sense of conviction to tell it how it is. As much as one might recoil from the occasional use of crude language - the poet knows how to polish a perversion - Glenn Evans is to be commended for his terse courage. Subtitled "My beautiful diary", one cannot help being endeared to the creative mind of a man whose conflicts serve his craft so compellingly. I have long admired and respected this poet whose reality has the staying power to see his work survive.”

~ Philip L. Wilcher


“This collection is honest, sincere and with always written with a particular voice that other poets lack or have to try to put on. Poems range from sly humour to surreal images to painful moments in everyday life.
"At night the Moon was a breast, illuminated like a cream neon in Soho."

~ Chris Buchanan


“A unique set of 49 poems, ranging from the tender and sensitive to humorous and bold and in your face. If you want an honest, sometimes brutal look at life then this is the book for you, as the poetry grabs you by the proverbials and doesn't let go! It is a very accessible collection of verse. The language can be choice at times, so not for the prudish. However, I think the subject matter and the way it is written will appeal to a wide audience?”

~ Hobelar


“'As the mood takes me'” will take YOU on a virtual adventure. The exploration of moods and feelings is guaranteed to transport you to a myriad of light and dark destinations. This collction is exciting, revealing and rewarding. It captures you from the get go and leaves you wishing you had bought an open ticket instead of a single. Glenn has created magic!!”

~ Mr R Harrison


“Fiery, gutsy and not for the fainthearted at times, brilliantly original poetry from the heart, loved it!”

~ Chewie


“Thoughts and feelings bluntly stated, vocalised well in poetry! Explanation of emotions - what the glancing eyes can't see, spilled beautifully on paper to educate the reader, and at times relate to oneself! An interesting read!”

~ Candice