These 68 couplets, like koans,

are questions and answers: marriages,

each taken from the vast complete verse.

Life is feeling meaningless.

What is life? To be childless?

Life begins in its good time.

We’ve no option but to live.

Mania coloured last year.

They say greens have brighter hue.

He tried not to make demands.

Take a stand or give commands.

It is easy to be slaves.

Jesus Christ said, “feed my sheep.”

Autumn can be deceptive.

You ought to hear my gamut.

Your being here says something.

“Something-ness” has an ending.

Sure, I’ve tried to top myself.

What is life? The “Hell” is it?

They say, “silence is golden.”

It is said, “no pain no gain.”

Difference must begin wars.

We have to learn back-scratching.

The past controls reaction.

Don’t fucking cross me, alright?

A little help would be good.

Enjoy chroma and gain blood.

Do you see the thread, the sign?

Fluctuating is a swine.

Play piano. Learn guitar.

Sometimes autumn is winter.

Honesty comes from the voice.

Head to person-hood. Have choice.

It’s clichéd, but “anal treet.”

It’s a great gay place to meet.

Ego forbids art to flow.

Jolts of two-thirty volts fail.

Rose was pure without a drop.

Pantheism is plausible.

Lives can vanish with no trace.

The tarot fool’s journey teased.

I’m not a fucking player.  

I’d like to be a daddy.

Autumn can be deceptive.

Will we become over, done?

Be you. Honestly, be true.

You are amazing. Just do.

This Fool thinks he is ahead.

Who knows what is round the bend.

Masturbation is a crime.

Am I done? Are you still mine?

Men can become cross-dressers.

From outside love is madness.

Trade a decade? Trade your life.

Don’t hide, wisely choose your wife.

Thinking can make us worthless.

Vagueness might negate attack.

Even love is not perfect.

Everything is at a price.

I’m sure there was a Jesus.

Perhaps I have a calling.

Validation is not free.

Sesame Street attracts me.

In life, there’s no cast iron.

Everything is tenuous.

Be aware that most folk act.

I can tear a strip off folks.

I’ve always strived for the truth.

They say, “feel the fear and try.”

Are moods like a lottery?

I’m not a nut; really.

There is no escape from flows.

Mind-stillness might give good fate.

Childhood games are miles away.

Cast iron comes through great cost.

Thinking hurts. I find no point.

Don’t exploit. Try to nurture.

Please be well and in the light.

I have no map for my life.

Eddies often have trapped me.

I don’t do adultery.

The Tree of Knowledge sniggers.

You can’t harm me with promise.

There’s only faith, hope and love.

Light or darkness is your child.

Text holds lies. It is not life.

Religion came, then it left.

If insight lacks there’s danger.

You are not in the paper.

Words offer wagers of trust.

Be aware and build up trust.

You’re in the system. It’s hard.

CV holes remove demand.

Be you and be very true.

By habit, past shit will mend.

Satisfaction is reward.

Mindlessness is stress relief.

The straightest route is shallow.

Smiles between us are now few.

Be aware that most folk act.

Do not be a question mark.

Meaning is in expression.

You are not, but you still are.

You can only be yourself.

Sacrifice is Biblical.

Christians may ponder their good.

You can pray. You can hold on.

Aloneness put bread to test.

Life is big so truth is blessed.

Last winter was different.

I change up and down my range.

Still minds help peacefulness grow.

It’s good to freely say “no.”

Do anything positive.

Awareness may be eastern.

Wisdom is a cursed surprise.

Go far with isolation.

Can pure love be possible?

Opinions are respected.

Your madness is my normal.

You may waste yours for normal.

The young do not cogitate.

Don’t expect the chance to live.

Character is intrinsic.

Don’t drink and smoke. Sight then dare.

Some people never wake-up.

You might call her a slogger.

Moods just “are” and context fleets.

Quitiapine gives more clout.

Things can collapse, then you’re lost.

They say SAD lights are no good.

Dispel the myth of friendship.

When you don’t know, it can’t hurt.

Be immediate action.

Grave payment maybe respect.

You are not the depression

or the flip-side mania.

You are the essence of it,

but you are not the essence.